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McDonalds Business Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

McDonalds Business - Case Study Example With the developing open mindfulness and want for socially dependable organizations, it is huge to take note of that organizations think about getting ready for future socially capable business activity (Kotler and Lee, 2004). An investigation on McDonald’s social duty assesses a case of corporate social obligation appeared by McDonalds. McDonald is the biggest organization on the planet that bargains in burger food eateries. Regarding McDonald’s corporate social obligation, the organization is making a move, keeping up receptiveness in correspondence with its clients and investors and accomplishing results. The organization works with its providers in order to advance socially dependable practices or practices in its gracefully chain as an indispensable piece of the company’s flexibly chain technique. This is a piece of the company’s social duty. What's more, the organization has structured its own its implicit rules for providers which clarifies how the organization wants or anticipates that its providers should deal with and treat their laborers. The organization has overseen and prevailing with regards to supporting providers who are evacuating sow development boxes in gracefully chain. For example, half of its Cargill contracted hoard ranches are all in new age frameworks that don't have any significant bearing growth slows down to help the more extensive network. Furthermore, McDonalds gives some portion of its pre-charge benefits to corporate cause or altruism as a feature of its procedure to be socially capable. The organization conducts magnanimous commitments by means of the Ronald McDonald Houses Charities which center to make, get and bolster programs that upgrade and improve the prosperity and soundness of kids in the public arena. This body guarantees that kids in helpless networks can get medicine and dental treatment so as to improve their wellbeing and reinforce their particular families. This program plans to change and improve the lives of networks. As a feature of it being socially dependable, McDonalds has detailed a method of drawing in networks in activities through network based ventures. Network based undertakings have become noteworthy part of advancement help among world socially mindful associations. For example, McDonalds propelled the Flagship ranches activity in Europe that planned for utilizing imaginative cultivating strategies and practices across Europe and behaviors research on how moral cultivating practices can be incorporated into business cultivating frameworks. In this way, a financial relationship implies a methodology of including networks into business action of the association so as to ensures that networks are installed in corporate gracefully bind technique to set up a practical business. Contextual analysis 2 McDonalds has got elegantly composed and structured corporate social obligation program that it has very much executed so as to guarantee that networks are i ncorporated in its business and that it profits by its business activity. For example, the McDonald Company conveyed its debut corporate social duty report in which the organization tried to get broad input from partners and network. The organization has remembered a few things for its social mindful program that mean to make it all the more socially dependable. For example, they have actualized program that expect to create reasonable horticulture, business strategies

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Case Study of Strategic Management at Honda

Contextual analysis of Strategic Management at Honda For what reason do you think Honda has picked this procedure? Is this attribute of the organization and industry? Ought to Honda pick one whereupon to center its endeavors or is it significant for Honda to seek after cooperative energies (and protect its alternatives) by creating and advancing various innovations? The Honda is creating ecological cordial auto versatile and keep up worldwide perspective with the faithfulness of flexibly top notch item. Honda methodology has reliably accentuated advancement, ecological neighborliness and freedom. Imaginativeness they are continually captivating with innovative work to create multi-innovation and ecological agreeable cars. Thus from 1946 to 2010 Honda had demonstrated their ability. They are recognized pioneer in the improvement of half breed vehicles and increases defaces showcase usual meaning. A natural inviting car was not another technique for them. Truth be told they deal with creating cleaner transportation choices had started decades sooner. Honda cross breed model are intended for eco-friendliness. It will be supporting to decrease regular plan of action consumption. From 1999 Honda won the various awards from natural gathering. Freedom is different stresses methodology of their business. Honda decide not to team up or authorizing its innovation to other people. They need to keep up their freedoms and basically going performance. How would I break down the purpose behind picking this methodology? The explanation behind picking this methodology is Honda will be supporting to lessen normal plan of action consumption, to get natural cordial. Since Honda has a long track verification of creating natural agreeable and multi innovation vehicle In July 2002, Honda has prevailing with regards to assembling the primary energy component vehicle with pertinent industry principles. It has accepted 51 years starting at 1997, for Honda Corporation to dispatch mixture vehicle Insight ever however Honda was established in 1946. Beginning from creating of motors for bikes, at that point moved in to sports vehicles, foundation of 100 industrial facilities in 33 nations, while keeping up unfalteringly freedom of the organization since 1956 and developed into one of the universes biggest car makers not a simple assignment. I accept the main concern of the story behind this is the technique received by Honda. Despite the fact that the quantities of half breed vehicles sold in 2000 2004 were exceptionally little with numerous impediments, when contrasted and the other conventional cars, I state, the accomplishment in 2002 is for the most part because of the technique embraced by the organization as Honda immovably kept up its autonomy. Ultimate result of the majority of the examination and improvements requires some serious energy. It needs venture from the organization just as the elevated level help from the general business technique of the association which include hazard yet conceivably gainful business openings in opportunity to arrive. Authorizing and joint endeavor procedures are amazing methodologies in like manner in any industry just as rehearsed by Toyota for this situation study. The crossover item create by Toyota likewise has its own focal points and disservices where a similar circumstance material for Honda half and half vehicles. I concur, with the style of Hondas the executives where they have kept the business improvement only in-house with all parts of an innovation, from its qualities to its shortcomings. Notwithstanding that in-house know-how has prompted keep up upper hand which was hard for contenders to mimic. That is the reason Honda has prevailing with regards to assembling the main energy unit vehicle with all pertinent industry guidelines in July 2002. Is this attribute of organization or industry? This is an attribute of both organization and industry, in light of the fact that there is interest for a wide range of vehicle. Honda stepped in to vehicle industry at 1963. However, Honda has rapidly drives the unrivaled of efficiency, that is the quality of industry. Since establishing Honda they are step by step presenting new innovation, there for their development rate is unrivaled, there security and quality show the business trademark. Today the business condition is in exceptionally tempestuous and corporate technique assumes a crucial job in an enhanced firm. So as to make long haul progress of a firm they should set down collected procedures in cost initiative, separation or spotlight on the correct markets through their business system. Those are the reality attributes of an organization just as in the business sectors. Vehicle fabricating industry additionally has its own attributes when thought about different businesses. When gaining new information the organization needs to win hearts and brains of the shoppers as the opposition is in full scale particularly in vehicle markets. In this manner, it is comprehended and affirms the general corporate system of Honda matches with the qualities of an organization just as various markets. In any case Honda will most likely be unable to sell vehicles in US, breeze through all industry acknowledgment assessments. 1.3 How Honda should seek after cooperative energies in the organization? Their speculations fundamental innovative work serves to the organization to stable in the innovation limit and be a first mover when business adaptations of advances are fit to be turned out. Their way of life appears to put monstrous incentive on presenting ecological neighborly vehicles. By creating and advancing various advances they accept eventually are a prevailing auto type. Organization is a relationship of people who are joined for a typical reason. In the vehicle producing part they change crude materials to the completed merchandise for an enormous scope and expected to offer to the wholesalers or retailers where end clients or the shoppers buy products in the wake of propelling. Structure the pieces to the completed item the organization needs to take a shot at a procedure and the general Business technique of an organization ought to be cerate cooperative energy lastly accomplish upper hand overall. Along these lines Honda should know which business they ought to be in the normal markets. Completed merchandise need to experience a wide range of monetary frameworks at a benefit without making misfortunes under different strategies and guidelines embraced by deferent Governments of the separate commercial centers. Consequently organization must have by and large business procedure while looking after cooperative energy. It normally emerges when two people or more than that cooperates. Diverse correlative ability makes cooperative energy which can contribute a great deal in accomplishing upper hand in general in an association. As indicated by the information table given for the situation concentrate on 2005 Honda and Toyota U.S. Crossover Sales it is comprehended various models like Honda Accord, Civic, Insight has a market despite the fact that the marketing projections are less when contrasted and deals in Toyota. I think being a mass vehicle maker like Honda should seek after cooperative energies by creating and advancing various advancements for various objective markets. Does having a solitary natural cordial vehicle standard advantage or harmed customers? Does it advantage or hurt vehicle makers? Normalization of a specific innovation is the way toward tenderizing request into an in any case clamorous framework that sticks to no exacting standards of direct, therefore engaging a lot of opportunity in development and development. As I would like to think, normalizations accomplishes more damage to an innovation still in its early stages than great by carrying request and administration to the space. Each logical investigation and resultant advancements ought to be to serve the humankind and its purchasers, despite the fact that there are endless models repudiating this reality. Yet, with the strength of the commercialization in current world, we can't disregard to remember the effect of normalization of these advancements for this conversation. Having natural cordial Hybrid varied vehicle is advantage just as harmed to shoppers. We can contend as the two different ways. Purchasers are accomplished and all around educated over what they need and what they need. The showcasing focused administration directs that business associations ought to tune in to their clients and satisfy their necessities so as to create higher benefits and continue client value. Since Environment Friendly Motor Cars is a generally new market with less knowledgeable purchasers, it is significant that they are permitted to investigate and make sense of what suits them the best. Current market circumstance is best utilized as a test ground for the new advances and developments. When all the logical tests are performed on another innovation, it ought to be exposed to the trial of omnipresence and acknowledgment of the market. Along these lines I emphatically accept that accessibility of different alternatives is for the best of customers that this point. One standard methods lesser disarray for the customers without a doubt. Be that as it may, it would likewise constrain the potential they can anticipate from their engine vehicles. Accessibility of many friend innovations under testing level simultaneously in the market will ensure that a wasteful innovation would not hoard over an unsaturated and infant showcase. In the point of view of engine vehicle makers, there is an overhead in financing assets on various innovations rather than one norm. In any case, this gives them the adaptability to investigate further into advancements and concoct better and effective creations. They dont need to restrict themselves with measures and hazard being outdated not sticking to a market acknowledged norm. Their speculations may not generally lead to fruitful and attractive innovations. Yet, the information and experience they gain by dealing with different advances is priceless and can be put to use for the improvement of future item improvements also for the development of the business all in all. This will render both immediate and aberrant advantages for vehicle makers as a rule without stalling out on one innovation that could be normalized, yet before long rendered out of date when the following discovery in the business goes along.

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Ram Bahadur Bomjon Research Paper Sources Essay Example

Slam Bahadur Bomjon Research Paper Sources Paper Slam Bahadur Bomjon Ram Bahadur Bomjon (Sanskrit: ) (conceived c. 9 April 1990, once in a while spelt Bomjan, Banjan, or Bamjan), likewise known asPalden Dorjeâ (his ascetic name) and now Dharma Sangha, is from Ratanapuri village, Bara district, Nepal. A portion of his supporters have asserted that he is aâ reincarnation of the Buddha, however Ram himself has denied this, and numerous experts of Buddhism concur that theBuddha has enteredâ nirvanaâ and can't be reawakened. He drew a large number of guests and media consideration by going through months inâ meditation. Nicknamed the Buddha Boy, he started his contemplation on 16 May 2005. He apparently vanished from the empty tree where he had beenâ meditatingâ for months on 16 March 2006, however was found by certain devotees seven days after the fact. He revealed to them he had left his reflection place, where enormous groups had been watching him, on the grounds that there is no harmony. He at that point headed out in his own direction and returned somewhere else in Nepal on 26 December 2006, yet left again on 8 March 2007. On 26 March 2007, assessors from the Area Police Post Nijgadh in Ratanapuri discovered Bomjon reflecting inside a dugout like jettison seven feet square. On 10 November 2008, Bomjon returned in Ratanapuri and addressed a gathering of fans in the remote wilderness. Buddhist foundation Bomjon is an individual from the Tamang community, of which a lion's share practices Vajrayana Buddhism. [1] Bomjons story picked up notoriety since it looked like aâ legendâ from the Jataka Nidanakatha about Gautama Buddhasâ enlightenment, to such an extent that a few fans guaranteed Ram was theâ reincarnationâ of a Buddha. In any case, on 8 November 2005 Dorje emerged and stated, Tell the individuals not to consider me a Buddha. I dont have the Buddhas vitality. We will compose a custom article test on Ram Bahadur Bomjon Research Paper Sources explicitly for you for just $16.38 $13.9/page Request now We will compose a custom exposition test on Ram Bahadur Bomjon Research Paper Sources explicitly for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Recruit Writer We will compose a custom exposition test on Ram Bahadur Bomjon Research Paper Sources explicitly for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Recruit Writer I am at the degree of arimpoche. Rimpoche (valuable gem) is an honorific utilized in Tibetan Buddhism for an educator and proficient. He said that he will require six additional long stretches of reflection before he can turn into a Buddha. As indicated by his adherents, Bomjon may have been or might be aâ bodhisattva,[citation needed]â a individual on the way to accomplishing full edification or Buddhahood to assist every conscious being. As per the chronicled Buddha, Gautama Buddha, there were endless Buddhas before him and limitless Buddhas to come. Advocates additionally guarantee that Bomjon may likewise be Maitreya Bodhisattva, the anticipated replacement to the chronicled Buddha. Researchers question the cases of his supporters. [2] Mahiswor Raj Bajracharya, leader of the Nepal Buddhist Council, has stated, We don't accept he is Buddha. He doesn't have Buddhas characteristics. [2] His moms name is Maya Devi Tamang, a similar first name as Buddhas mother. It is accounted for that his mom blacked out when she discovered that her child planned to reflect for an uncertain period. The case, made by a few, that he is the resurrection of Buddha has been reprimanded. Gautama Buddhaâ taught that afterâ parinirvanaâ there is no more resurrection, making it difficult to be a rebirth of Buddha; however it is conceivable to be another Buddha, another who has accomplished, or will achieve, edification. [edit]Wandering to Bara region After around ten months of reflection, Bomjon disappeared on 11 March 2006. He gave no clarification, and some accepted he had been snatched. His supporters conjectured that he went further into the forested areas to search for a calmer spot to think. [3] Police deserted a quest for him after the probability of treachery was disposed of. Suspecting tax evasion, the specialists solidified theâ bank accountâ of the nearby advisory group dealing with the groups, which had accumulated more than Rs. 600,000, however they found no proof. [4] On 19 March, a gathering of Bomjons adherents met with him around 2 miles (3 kilometers) southwest of his reflection site. They state they addressed him for thirty minutes, during which Bomjon stated, There is no harmony here, and that he would return in six years, which would be in 2011 or 2012. He left a message for his folks advising them not to stress. [5][6] On 25 December 2006, residents in Bara districtâ spotted Bomjon ruminating. He was conveying aâ swordâ for assurance in the wilderness, reminding columnists that Even Gautama Buddha needed to secure himself, and professed to have eaten only herbs meanwhile. [7] He repeated his multi year duty to Buddhist commitment, and said he would permit individuals to come and watch him, as long as they stayed at some separation and didn't trouble him. At the point when a columnist called attention to that explorers to his contemplation site would make gifts in his name, he requested the gifts to not be mishandled or utilized for business purposes. [8] A new flood of guests came to see him and ask at his new contemplation spot. 9][10] On 8 March 2007 he left Bara area again to locate a calmer spot to think. [11] [edit]Meditating in pit On 26 March 2007, news spread of Bomjon reflecting underground. Reviewer Rameshwor Yadav of the Area Police Post Nijgadh, discovered Bomjon inside a dugout like jettison seven feet square. His face was perfect and hair was brushed well, Yadav said. As indicated by him, the shelter had been solidified from all sides and fitted with a tiled rooftop. Indra Lama, a neighborhood sent as Bomjons overseer since the start of his concentrated contemplation, said the dugout was readied per Bomjons demand. In the wake of allowing crowd seven days prior, he communicated his longing to contemplate inside the ground; so we constructed it, he said. [12] [edit]Preaching in Hallori wilderness On 2 August 2007, Bomjon tended to a huge group in Hallori wilderness in Bara locale of southern Nepal. The Namo Buddha Tapoban Committee, which is dedicated to taking care of Bomjon, collected the gathering. A notification about the young men first-since forever lecturing was communicated by a local FM radioâ station, and the board of trustees likewise welcomed individuals byâ telephone. Around 3,000 individuals athered to tune in to Bomjons address. A video was made of the occasion. [13] According to Upendra Lamichhane, aâ blogg erâ who composed an article and took photos of the gathering, Bomjons message was, The main way we can spare this country is through otherworldliness. [14] This was his speech:[15] Murder, brutality, avarice, outrage and allurement have made the human world an edgy spot. A horrible tempest has dropped upon the human world, and this is conveying the world towards decimation. There is just a single method to spare the world and that is throughâ dharma. At the point when one doesnt walk the noble way of otherworldly practice, this edgy world will most likely be crushed. In this manner, follow the way of otherworldliness and spread this message to your colleagues. Never put snags, outrage and skepticism in the method for my reflections strategic. I am just demonstrating you the way; you should look for it all alone. What I will be, what I will do, the coming days will uncover. Human salvation, the salvation of every single living being, and harmony on the planet are my objective and my way. Namo Buddha sangaya, Namo Buddha sangaya, namo sangaya. I am thinking about on the arrival of this disorderly world from the expanse of feeling, on our separation from outrage and allurement, without wandering from the way for even a second, I am disavowing my own connection to my life and my home until the end of time. I am attempting to spare every single living being. In any case, in this disorderly world, my lifes practice is decreased to insi gnificant diversion. The training and commitment of numerous Buddhas is aimed at the universes improvement and bliss. It is basic, however exceptionally troublesome, to comprehend that training and dedication. Be that as it may, however it is anything but difficult to lead this uninformed presence, individuals dont comprehend that one day we should leave this questionable world and go with the Lord of Death. Our long connections with loved ones will break up into nothingness. We need to abandon the riches and property we have aggregated. Whats the utilization of my bliss, when the individuals who have cherished me from the earliest starting point, my mom, father, siblings, family members are for the most part miserable? In this way, to protect every single aware being, I must be Buddha-mind, and rise up out of my underground cavern to doâ vajraâ meditation. To do this I need to understand the correct way and information, so don't upset my training. My training segregates me from my body, my spirit and this presence. In this circumstance there will be 72 goddess Kalis. Various divine beings will be available, alongside the hints of thunder and of tangur, and all the heavenly divine beings and goddesses will be doingâ pujaâ (worship). So until I have communicated something specific, don't come here, and please disclose this to other people. Spread otherworldly information and profound messages all through the world. Spread the message of world harmony to all. Look for an equitable way and intelligence will be yours. Second discourse portion: Prayers of Kunchu Suma †message of harmony for every single living animal and for the otherworldly flourishing of mankind. Welcome to every profound searcher, holy people, religions and all associations. After I was instructed by the soul to spare and elevate mankind and the animals of the world, I have complied with the guarantee to spare the transient world from the expanse of feelings and to liberate the world from the common sins. I have been mulling over resolutely (Dhyana) to free mankind and every single living animal. Every single aware being need to get liberated from common distresses and torments. Be that as it may, by birth, they are not prepared as mankind to look for after otherworldliness and get liberated. They are likewise supplicate

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Discordance in the Scenes of Moolight - Literature Essay Samples

In Harold Pinters Moonlight, discordant scenes create a state of transition for the characters, who are facing the death of family patriarch Andy. Throughout the play, Pinter sets up scenes which would not fit logically into a linear story. Old friends reappear and converse with Andy, his wife and their two sons. A daughter, stuck at the age of 16, provides commentary from a third area. Sons Fred and Jake deny the fact that their father is dying and ignore their mothers attempts to contact them. Pinter provides these scenes to suggest that death is a process of crossing a line death will be a new horizon for Andy, as Bel (twice) suggests (p. 46) but some lines crossed in the past can never be revisited.The first suggestion of discordance is marked by Marias appearance to Jake and Fred when she describes, in a long speech, her relationships with Bel, Andy and her husband Ralph (p. 15). Although the stage directions suggest that she is speaking directly to Jake and Fred, her words su ggest otherwise. They do not interrupt her as she openly reveals a long-standing great affection for Andy (p. 16). How he danced, she says. One of the great waltzers. An elegance and grace long gone. And he looked you directly in the eye. Unwavering. But I was young in those days (p. 16). Maria, who has had affairs with both Andy and Bel, adds, Your mother was marvelously young and quickening every moment. I I must say particularly when I saw your mother being swirled across the floor by your father I felt buds breaking out all over the place (p. 16-17). At the end of her monologue, Jake and Fred drop out of the scene entirely, and the play cuts again to Andys bedroom. In fact, although Maria is speaking to the young men, there is no indication that they hear her, or are even aware that she has entered the scene. Considering the magnitude of what she is telling them, the sons would ordinarily be expected to react her speech. Yet they ignore her as they continue to pretend that their father is not dying.Ralph, the next visitor to Jake and Fred, is aware that his entrance is equally nonsensical. He, like his wife, also speaks to them in a long tirade, receiving neither interruption nor response. He tells them that their father wasted his life as a thinker, drawing attention to the uncertainties in the play that cannot be clarified by analysis (p 28). He says,What do you think this thinking is pretending to do? Eh? Its pretending to make things clear, you see, its pretending to clarify things. But whats it really doing? Its confusing you, its blinding you, its sending the mind into a spin, its making you dizzy, its making you so dizzy that by the end of the day you dont know whether youre on your arse or your elbow, you dont know whether youre coming or going. (p. 28)Death in Moonlight similarly defies intellectual reasoning. If death is a new horizon, as Bel has suggested, Is [it] endless? Whats the weather like? (p. 46) Andy, the thinker, while dying, is searching for reassurance and certainty as the concepts become more difficult to grasp.A joint appearance of Ralph and Maria at Andys bedside is as equally unreliable as their previous visits to the sons. This time, however, the couple does entertain the reactions of the dying man and his wife but the interaction does not seem to fit into the rest of the play. For instance, Andy tells Bel near the beginning of the play that he bumped into Maria the other day, the day before [he] was stricken and that she invited him to her flat for a slice of plumduff (p. 18). However, when she and Ralph appear at his deathbed, Maria says, Its been ages. We dont live up here anymore, of course (p. 68). Andy, therefore, may be imagining Maria, at one, or both, instances. More likely, however, they appear to be speaking from a gray area between reality and fantasy, appearing suddenly after Andy and Bel have been talking about them; the dying man seems to have conjured them to him by thinking about his affair with Maria, Bels affair with Maria, and his football games with Ralph, the referee. The stage directions are vague about when Maria and Ralph enter and where they are standing. And, when they arrive, Andy denies having a past with them. I was a civil servant. I had no past. I remember no past. Nothing ever happened, he insists (p. 70). He doesnt behave as if he is in the presence of the woman he cant die without (p.38). Maria and Ralphs entrance, therefore, serves as a direct analog to the new and uncertain horizon of death. Andy asks, The big question is, will I cross [the horizon] as I die or after Im dead? (p. 46) As time passes in the play, Andy is crossing boundaries.Bridget too has crossed a boundary and it is unclear from where she is speaking; Andys youngest daughter is cast in shadow both through stage lighting and through her cryptic monologues. In addition, although she is represented as only four years younger than her oldest brother in one scene (a flashback ), she is 12 years younger than he is throughout the rest of the play. Bridget admits, I am hidden. Hidden but free. No one in the world can find me (p. 22). The assumption is that Bridget died at the age of 16. However, she is accessible now to Andy, who is also dying. Andys last words address Bridget. After asking for his dead daughter throughout the play, wondering why she hasnt come to see him (and brought grandchildren that were never born), Andy asks Bel to tell Bridget not to be frightened. Tell Bridget I dont want her to be frightened (p. 76). He does not share the same anger over her absence at his deathbed that he harbors for Fred and Jake. Furthermore, Bridget says that her task is to see that her parents sleep in peace and wake up rested. Because I know that when they look at me they see that I am all they have left of their life (p. 1). Bridget is, in fact, the tie that holds together the members of the family. The brothers dote on their younger sister. Bridget wou ld understand. I was her brother. She understood me. She always understood my feelings, Fred says (p. 53). Jake adds, She understood me too. Bridget, however, is hidden, to her brothers when they need her the most.At the end of the play, Bridget provides a metaphor for the transition from life to death. She describes a house bathed in moonlight. The house, the glade, the lane, were all bathed in moonlight. But the inside of the house was dark and all the windows were dark. I stood there in the moonlight and waited for the moon to go down (p. 80). Bridget, frozen in time, has the first and last word in Moonlight, and she is speaking for Andy, waiting on his deathbed for enlightenment. Andy is not even sure if he is dying; I dont know how [dying] feels. How does it feel? Andy asks Bel (p. 76). He has expressed doubt throughout the play, hypothesizing Personally I dont believe its going to be pitch black for ever because if its pitch black for ever what would have been the point of going through all these enervating charades in the first place? (p. 46) The dying man only wants security, a loophole, that he will meet [him]self coming back (p. 46). Yet before he dies, he is able to reconnect with people in his past and, in a sense, confess before dying. (For instance, he finally tells Ralph that he was certainly no bloody good at being a referee [p. 69]). While waiting for his own life to end (his moon to go down), Andy still has a brief opportunity (the moonlight of his life) to make amends.Alongside scenes in Andys bedroom but never crossing paths Jake and Fred deny their fathers impending death, arguing instead about old friends and confidential meetings. A phone call they exchange with their mother is illogical. Your father is very ill, Bel says to Jake. Chinese laundry? Jake responds (p. 73). The exchange is repeated with Fred until Bel relents. It doesnt matter. It doesnt matter, she says. Do you do dry cleaning? (p. 74) She asks the question twice, a nd both times the sons respond as if they do indeed own a laundry and are not sitting in Freds room, pretending they have not recognized the voice of their own mother.Pinter captures the limitations of the past through Andys relationship with Jake and Fred; he can settle his relationship with Maria and Ralph, but his sons remain at a distance to him, even at the time of his death. The first time Jake refers to Andy, he says, My father weighed it all up carefully the day I was born, referring to his inheritance (p. 9). Fred immediately replies, Oh, your father? Was he the one who was sleeping with your mother? Fred responds to Jakes formality with a mocking statement, which reveals a bitterness toward Andy. They characterize him as a sperm donor, devoid in any emotional connection to them or even their mother. Gratitude came not his way. No did he seek it. Masturbation came not his way. Im sorry I meant approbation came not his way Jake says (p. 10). Oh, didnt it really? Fred says , adding later, The answer is that your father was just a little bit short of a few Krugerrands (p. 10, 14). The sons ridicule Andy in their first appearance on stage and then drop him from their conversation, even as they are approached by Maria and Ralph. Andy is both hurt and infuriated with his sons. Two sons. Absent. Indifferent. Their father dying, he says. They were bastards. Both of them (p. 35). Yet Andy cannot undo the past; it is too late to repair his relationship with his sons.Fred and Jake philosophize on their fathers life and imminent death and they also recognize that Andy will die before they can reconcile the past. Jake eventually tells his brother that what Fred has been saying about Andy is atrociously biased and illegitimate onslaught on the weak and vertiginous. All his life my father has been subjected to hatred and vituperation. He love me. And one day I shall love him (p. 56-7). Jake explodes under the emotional pressure of losing a father he does not lo ve, but a father nonetheless. He and Fred then determine that the full price of that love is death (p. 57). Death is the price of love; the biggest obstacle to love is the possibility of losing that person. Yet when the sons have the opportunity to confront their fathers death, they turn it into a farce. They can understand the past their broken relationship with Andy but they cannot overcome it.In Moonlight, Pinter characterizes death as having a great deal of power. It allows Andy, for instance, to connect to his old love and her husband, a football referee. Yet Andy is restricted in what he can remember about past events, even though Maria, Ralph and Bel insist that they share common memories. He can sense Bridget but he cannot recall that she has already died. Death therefore has a sense of finality in Moonlight; in his journey into the new horizon, Andy can reach back into the past but cannot change what happened. The ultimate loss in this play is for Jake and Fred, however. The sons cannot scale the divide between themselves and Andy; when the father most needs to conquer the past, he is unable to do so.

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Punishment, Deterrence, And Rehabilitation Essay - 1140 Words

In the United States there are four main goals when it comes to punishment which are retribution, deterrence, incapacitation, and rehabilitation (DeJong, 2016, p. 288). The main goals for these punishments are to maintain order over society and to prevent recidivism (DeJong, 2016, p. 288). This ties into the Ecology perspective. By maintaining order over society and preventing recidivism, it ties into all of the issues regarding the Ecology perspective which requires for each issue to address the individual, family, community and society. Maintaining order over society and preventing recidivism strives toward making a safer environment for the individual, family, community and society. There is no universal agreement for making the severity of punishment just or fair (DeJong, 2016, p. 288). When it comes to retribution the person who is getting punished deserves the punishment (DeJong, 2016, p. 289). Retribution refers to when an individual commits a certain crime then that pe rson must receive a punishment proportionate to that crime or suffering that they may have caused towards the victim (DeJong, 2016, p. 289). Regarding deterrence there are two types, general deterrence and specific deterrence (DeJong, 2016, p. 289). General deterrence focuses on the society in general and wants to scare everyone away from committing crimes (DeJong, 2016, p. 289). Specific deterrence focuses on criminals that have already been convicted and wants to prevent them fromShow MoreRelatedDeterrence, Incapacitation, And Rehabilitation : Explain How The Severity Of Punishment Can Potentially Deter Criminal Behavior1164 Words   |  5 PagesChapter 14 Deterrence, Incapacitation, Retribution, and Rehabilitation: Explain how the severity of punishment, the certainty of punishment, and the promptness of punishment can potentially deter criminal behavior. Is one more important than the other? Why or why not? Severe punishments, such as long stints in prison and the death penalty, are designed to pose as threats or warnings to those who consider committing a crime. It also seems that, theoretically, more severe punishments, such as longerRead MoreThe Integral Role Sentencing Plays in the Criminal Justice Process904 Words   |  4 Pagesthis holds that the severity of the punishment hold to the severity of the crime. This philosophy is not the same as revenge because retribution is more concerned with the rules of society as a whole, rather than the individualism revenge has had on the victim or victims the offender. Most dictionaries give the meaning of retribution as â€Å"repayment†. Public speakers and media hold forth that criminals â€Å"repay their debt to society†. Deterrence- Deterrence is a philosophy that is concerned withRead MoreTwo Types of Criminal Deterrence Essay869 Words   |  4 PagesThere are two different types if deterrence, the first is classified as specific deterrence. The goal of this category of deterrence is to lessen the probability of having a repeat offender. The three strikes law is an example of one of the methods that is used to assist this category of deterrence. The other category of deterrence is general deterrence. This category focuses more on future offenders. General deterrence attempts to positively influence would be offenders and stop the crimes beforeRead MorePunishment Is The Punishment An Individual948 Words   |  4 PagesRetribution can be described with these two words: Deserved Punishment. Retribution is the punishment an individual receives contingent upon the severity of their wrong doings. They must â€Å"pay their debts†. The authors of the text â€Å"Criminal Justice in America† mentions that if the government fails to sentence the individual to an appropriate amount of punishment, society will take the situation into their own hands (Cole, Smith and DeJong 277). If a murderer receives 5 years in prison, the familyRead MoreTheories Of Punishment994 Words   |  4 PagesConley Final Paper 18 December 2017 Punishment is defined as â€Å"the infliction or imposition of a penalty as retribution for an offense† (â€Å"Punishment†). Some prominent theories of punishment include retribution, deterrence, rehabilitation, and the moral education theory. Although retribution, deterrence, and rehabilitation are all crucial components of punishment justification, independently the theories have weaknesses that avert the moral rationalization of punishment. I believe that Jean Hampton’s moralRead MorePunishment and Sentencing Paper1278 Words   |  6 PagesPunishment and Sentencing Paper CJA/224 Garrett LeGrange September 17, 2010 There are many different philosophies that are in use in the court systems when determining what sort of punishment will be imposed on someone who is found guilty of committing a crime. These philosophies are in use in both the adult courts and juvenile courts. The juvenile court system is similar to the adult courts, but there are many differences between the two. Both court systems try and keep crime from happeningRead MorePunishment vs Rehabilitation1661 Words   |  7 PagesPunishment vs. Rehabilitation Helen Olko October 1, 2012 Abstract The expectations that our society has for the criminal justice system  is to punish and rehabilitate individuals who commit crime. Punishment and rehabilitation are also two of the four acknowledged objectives of the criminal justice system, with deterrence and incapacitation being the others. In the United States, punishment has always been the primary goal to achieve when dealingRead MoreSection 3a Of The Crimes ( Sentencing Procedure ) Act 19991572 Words   |  7 Pageslight of the broader philosophies of punishment in order to explain the tensions that are inherent in the business of punishing. Your essay should present an informed argument on which purposes and/or alternative understandings of justice should take precedence over others and why. The purposes of punishment in NSW have been a topic of great debate amongst contemporary society. At the heart of these discussions is two core theories for justifying punishment: the utilitarian theory, which situatesRead MoreThe Debate Over Rehabilitation And Retribution906 Words   |  4 Pages trial, sentencing, and punishment. There are four punishments: Deterrence, Incapacitation, Rehabilitation, and Retribution. It is in the last two of these many stages that the debate over rehabilitation and retribution is of some significance. The purpose of the Criminal Justice System is to produce justice for all, by sentencing and punishing the accountable and helping them to stop whatever crime they have committed, all while protecting the innocent. Deterrence is an idea that criminalRead MorePunishment Research Paper1317 Words   |  6 PagesPunishment Research Paper Megan Marie Kayser University of Phoenix June 12, 2011 Patrice Jackson SOC/120 Punishment Research Paper There have been four types of justification for punishment throughout the years of society. From older punishments such as retribution to more modern punishments like societal protection, all have been put in place to protect society and to punish individuals for their deviant acts. To find out which type of justification for punishment is most effective, one

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Radio Review Integration of Solar Energy

Question: Discuss about the Radio Review for Integration of Solar Energy. Answer: Direct and indirect current are categories of current flow in a circuit. In direct current, the flow of current is only in one direction while in the alternative current, the flow of current changed periodically. The voltage in Alternative current keeps on reversing due to the changing direction of the current. Both currents are applied interchangeably though the direct current is most common in electronics while alternating current is common in buildings. An alternator is used to generate alternative current. The war of currents began in 1880s with two people George Edisons who supported the use of Direct Current and Westinghouse and Nicola Tesla who advocated from alternating current (Kruger, P. 2006, 168). Direct current was used all over in the U.S during the early years of electricity distribution and Edison was willing to do anything to defend his royalties. Incandescent lamps that were used all over the country and motors worked well with direct current. Storage batteries that provided power in cases of interruptions in generator operations directly used the current. Direct current was reliable and economical as generators could be paralleled allowing machines to use less current during light load. Edison had also come up with a meter used to measure the customers consumption and that only worked with direct current. During which no motor worked with the alternative current. By this time, there was all evidence on the advantages of Direct current. Tesla in collaboration with Westinghouse came up with a system used to generate, transmit and use alternating current using his magnetic fields. This spurred up the rivalry between Tesla and Edison where he dismissed teslas idea by saying that his ideas were splendid but impractical (Fadel, 2007, 220). Tesla had a better understanding of mathematics than Edison who was just an experimenter hence understood nothing about alternative current. Certain factors prompted the adoption alternating current, including the then high cost of direct current as well as the effectiveness of alternating current. The war of currents finally came to an end when Edison left from the electric power business and also realized the superiority of the alternating current( Gore,2006,89). All power companies had adopted the use of alternating current even his company. After the end of the current battle, the alternating current took over about 75% of electrical business in the United States. In conclusion, adopting both alternating and direct current was a great milestone in the energy sector. Combining these two currents gave a complete cycle of electromotive force which yields higher electrical energy compared to individual types of current. References Gore, A., An Inconvenient Truth,2006. Fadel, CMK (2007), Integration of Solar Energy in Rural Electrification in Senegal, UCAD, Dakar, Senegal. Kruger, P., Alternative Energy Resources: The Quest for Sustainable Energy, Wiley, New Jersey, USA (2006).

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Report on International Development

Executive Summary The country of Syria â€Å"is an Asian country located on the eastern coast of the Mediterranean Sea, bordering Turkey to the north, Iraq to the east, Jordan and Palestine to the south, the Mediterranean Sea and Lebanon to the west (Benn 2010 p. 138). Some people like to refer to it as the Euphrates, famous from industrialization and civilization of Mesopotamia.Advertising We will write a custom report sample on Report on International Development – Syria specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Syria is in the headlines currently for all the wrong reasons one may say. These reasons are based on the riots to demonstrate about the politics of the country and the struggle for ‘democracy’. Devlin indicates that, â€Å"The People and Their Culture Syria is a Muslim society, that is to say, six out of seven Syrians identify themselves as Muslims† (1983 p. 25). And the â€Å"Syrians still resent th e loss of so many lands and peoples formerly associated with their country. Syria’s people are mostly Arabs, and the major religion is Islam, although there are other ethnic and religious minorities† (Morrison and Woog, 2008 p. 16). Once a revolution is experienced in a state, there may be many reasons for that to happen. One may be able to emancipate people from political tyranny or poor state of the country. Whichever the reasons are, this paper examines why Syria is classified as a developing country. The World Bank definition of developing countries includes all low income and middle income countries (except economies with a population of less than 30000), including countries in transition (Ross and Harmsen, 2001 p.4). The question then should be, is Syria a developing economy country or is it developed? The paper tries to examine the situation in the country focusing mainly on the status of its economy and why the country is a developing country. Statement of the P roblem In the recent past, Syria has hit the headlines because of its security situation. The security situation became worse because of the uprising popularly known as the Arab uprising which hit countries like Libya, Morocco, Egypt and now Syria which are Arab countries. It is rare for the masses to rise against their governments in protest. Uprising usually comes in when people realise they are being oppressed or have been made political slaves of a given family lineage. The situation in the Arab countries has been associated with long serving heads of state. With the world economy dwindling and food prices escalating, the masses have experienced inflation in their houses. Generally, people are facing extreme conditions and the gap between the rich and the poor is widening which may make people to revolt.Advertising Looking for report on business economics? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Considering the situation in Syria , what would be the state of the economy of Syria? Developing, underdeveloped and developed countries are the terms used to explain the economic status of a country. The characteristics which are common to these countries are specified by the definition itself. Poverty, income and accumulated capital backwardness in technique by the standards of North America, Western Europe and Australia. But even with respect of these characteristics, there are big differences between the under developed countries and the rich under developed countries and is close to the poorest advanced country (Perthes, 2004 p.4). The state of the economy of one country as compared to the other determines whether it will trade competitively. The economic growth of a country as well depends mainly on the policies and legislation that encourages business activities while protecting the consumer. The work of the Central Bank to control the flow of money and curbing of money crimes is also very important. With this information, the basis of this study is set and the main point is to analyse and conclude that Syria is a developing country. It will also be important to analyse the actual state of the economy of Syria. In summative phrase, the main theme is to prove that Syria is considered a developing country. Objectives The main objective of this report is to explain why Syria is a developing country. To achieve this objective, it would be subdivided to more discrete objectives that can be quantified as follows: To find out the indicators of underdevelopment To find out the remedies put in place by the government in improving the state of the economy in Syria To find out the problems preventing the moving out of underdevelopment in Syria and why are the remedies are not being effected effectively What is the political will in the improvement of the economic status What are factors contributing mainly to the state of the economy in Syria As this report tries to sum up the objectives above, i t is proper to state that in Syria, â€Å"a state agricultural policy also becomes more essential, now that the obstacles to expansion of the cultivated area have been removed by mechanization and water control it is time to think of better farming† (Taheri 2002 p. 22). Perhaps these statements that may have been made years ago would have made sense now that the economy is far from a developed country’s economy. Ethical Considerations on the Report The work reported in this work is purely based on the available information from academic and credible internet sources. The report is a collection of information trying to analyse the state of the economy of Syrian as indicated by the scholarly and other peoples work. The report is none biased to the best of the ability of the writer. However, some of the information may not be verified but the sources of the information are credible. Extreme care is to taken in giving fair reporting of the information and as accurate as po ssible. It would be awkward to imply religion, racial or even economic discrimination. The careful selection of the sources of information presented in this report gives it the credibility that may be desired.Advertising We will write a custom report sample on Report on International Development – Syria specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Other issues relating to copying someone else’s work without person is well taken care of by citation and actual request for information. Otherwise, all information relating to information rights were strictly adhered to. The work is also presented in a way that does not prejudice the Syrian people in any way. The Economic Status as Indicated by World Bank Economy (2010) GDP $59.4 billion Real growth rate (2010) 3.0%. Per capita GDP (2010) $2,893. Natural resources Petroleum, phosphates, iron, chrome and manganese ores, asphalt, rock salt, marble, gypsum, hydropower. Agricu lture Products–wheat, barley, cotton, lentils, chickpeas, olives, sugar beets, and other fruits and vegetables; beef, mutton, eggs, poultry, and other dairy products. Arable land–33%. Industry: Types–petroleum, textiles, pharmaceuticals, food processing, beverages, tobacco, phosphate rock mining, cement, oil seed extraction, and car assembly. Trade: Exports (2010 est.)–$12.84 billion: crude oil, minerals, petroleum products, fruits and vegetables, cotton fibre, textiles, clothing, meat and live animals, wheat. Major markets (2007)–Italy 22%, France 11%, Saudi Arabia 10%, Iraq 5%, Egypt 4%, Jordan 4%. Imports (2008 est.)–$17.2 billion f.o.b.: machinery and transport equipment, electric power machinery, food and livestock, metal and metal products, chemicals and chemical products, plastics, yarn, and paper. Major suppliers (2007)–Russia 10%, China 8%, Saudi Arabia 6%, Ukraine 6%, South Korea 5%, Turkey 4%. In 2010 the European Union (EU) was Syria’s biggest trading partner, accounting for 22.5% of Syrian trade, followed by Iraq (13.3%), Saudi Arabia (9%) and China (6.9%.) Turkey was in fifth place with 6.6% and Russia was ninth with 3%. *according to International Monetary Fund (IMF 2010) statistics The data above shows the average transactions in terms of the economic activities being carried out by the Syrian people in income generation. These factors generally explain the state of the economy. The relationship between exports and economic growth, including the direction of causality between the two variables has been a subject of much debate in the international economics literature over the past two decades (Kaushik, Arbenser and Klein 2008 p. 155). It is vividly clear that the relationship between imports and exports of a particular country mainly determines the state of the economy. Despite this fact, other players may come like the ability of the citizens to afford basic needs like food, cloth ing and shelter. From the above report of World Bank, it is clear that Syria is a developing country. According to Benn (2010, p.8), â€Å"in its extreme form, it is characterized by lack of basic human needs such as adequate and nutritious food, clothing, clean water and health services.† Agba et al (2009, p. 1) believe that poverty is a state where people lack basic human commodities which are inadequate food, clothes and housing. If the poverty level of a country is that one that 20% or more people are living below the poverty line then, even if the country has a balanced importation versus exportation, it is terribly underdeveloped. When we look at the economic indicators in comparison with the population, an assumption that one can make is that the country is a middle economy country. A middle economy country is a country that is developing at a very high rate per year. The Syria crisis could be a deterrence of the growth. The installation of proper development policies that encourage investment both local and international would be a brilliant thing that any government must do. Another thing is that the government must be in a position to work ways of increasing exports in other goods other than petroleum products and tourism so as to encourage foreign income.Advertising Looking for report on business economics? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The World Bank (2012) classifies countries using some Criteria. According to World Bank (2012), â€Å"Economies are divided according to 2010 GNI per capita, calculated using the World Bank Atlas method.† The groups are classified as; low income, $1,005 or less; lower middle income, $1,006 – $3,975; upper middle income, $3,976 – $12,275; and high income, $12,276 or more (â€Å"Data† 2012). From the assumption, Syria is a developing economy. Array of Indicators What would be the indicators of underdevelopment in Syria? A nation that is developing is defined as country whose cumulative average income is much below that of industrialised states. Such economies are characterised by low volumes of exports and traditional agricultural techniques. Food supply in these countries does not meet the demands of the population. â€Å"Developing nations have also been called underdeveloped nations,† (Hirsch, Kett and Trefil 2102 pp. 316). Having this in mind, on e can be able to list the indicators of Syria as a developing country. From the IMF classification, it is evident that Syria is a middle lower income country. According to Syria Agriculture (2012), the following indicators are listed: â€Å" Farming methods are crude: The average farmer’s reliance on out dated and inefficient irrigation methods is a major obstacle to improving agricultural outputs. The introduction of drip, sprinkler, and subsurface irrigation methods is handicapped because of the limited amount of money available to the common farmer. Because of these shortcomings, Syria is susceptible to food shortages during long droughts.† The decline of oil reserves, therefore, casts a shadow of uncertainty on the sustainability of the current Syrian economic program as oil revenues decline, the government could be faced with hard times (Cavendish 2006 pp. 280). This kind of economic activity is serious pegged on the amount of the reserves that are available for export. The economy mainly depends on the oil industry but it is affected by extremist activities and terrorism. Sometimes the country has been put under economic sanctions which are not healthy. According to Sukkar (2006, p.33), â€Å"Al-Utri attributed the moderate performance of the Syrian economy to eight negative factors which will be explored more fully in the subsequent analysis: Weakness in the performance of some economic sectors and low personal income Population growth pressures Dependency of export on declining oil production Small return on investment Low levels of national and foreign investments Low productivity and growing unemployment Low levels of wages and corresponding low levels of incentives Poor technical standards in the production sectors.† The indicators listed above are characteristics of an unstable middle economy of the state of Syria. It is clear that if there is a problem in any economy in its production and labour channels, then one can conc lude that the economy is facing hard times in the economic development of the country. With the facts presented, it is evident that the economy of this country needs a number of remedies in order to forge forward and move away from a low middle income economy to a higher middle income economy as the oil reserves are getting depleted. Therefore, one can conclude that Syria is a developing country (United Nations Development Program, 2012). Remedies of the indicators of Underdevelopment In every situation a country gets into, there are avenues through which it can forge its prosperity ahead. This purely depends on the political will and the workmanship of the people of the country. The policies that will be designed and followed to the later will enable the country to do great things in economic development. Syria put in place such remedies to the obstacles of development in the country and are examined below. At times, the economic policies of a country do not rhyme with the demand o f its local market thereby, going against each other. This in turn makes it difficult for the government to go beyond its boundaries to look for foreign markets (â€Å"AKDN† 2012). The country is using development partners in wealth creation and foreign investments to increase employment opportunities which are not enough for the ever growing population. A high population may be a very good market for locally produced goods but if production is not sufficient, there is extreme pressure on the available products. That will cause an undesirable effect of high prices and occasional lack of commodities for sale. The increase in population should be looked at carefully and be controlled as much as possible with regard to the growth of the economy. For instance, â€Å"the Aga Khan foundation introduced the Aga Khan Fund for Economic Development (AKFED) and the Aga Khan Trust for Culture which are proposing investments that will combine tourism development with conservation and re- use of landmark monuments, rehabilitation of historic areas, urban planning, and wide-ranging socio-economic development to boost living conditions in historic areas and create new opportunities for residents† (Aga Khan Development Network 2012). This may help in the improvement of the tourism sector which will increase employment opportunities in Syria. Talking about policies that affect both international and local business in the country is a thing that the government has been trying to do in order to make the country sail ahead. Simmers et al (2008, p.67) stated that, â€Å"as indicated by the U.S. Library of Congress, spot shortages of basic commodities occurred frequently and industry operated far below capacity because of routine power outages. Foreign exchange reserves plummeted, the trade deficit widened, and real gross domestic product (GDP) growth fell as economic difficulties compounded. Although the government instituted limited reforms to respond to the burgeoni ng crisis, Syria’s pressing economic problems required a radically restructured economic policy to improve future economic performance†. It is clear that the policy makers and implementers have not thought of far reaching effects of the policies they make and try to implement. Its trade partners like Iraq have been in a series of crisis activities which have been making trade with its neighbours very difficult. It is recorded that Iraq that was under war had sanctions but since Syria is its neighbour, it was allowed to trade with it (Simmmers et al 2008, p.9). As it engaged in the trade of essential commodities, the country helped Iraq to smuggle oil to other countries which was against the sanctions that were put. This made Syria to be charged at the United Nations Security council and later, Iraq was attached and it lost because the pipeline they purported they were trying was destroyed. These and many more instability issues affected largely its endeavours in economi c policies hence, dragging it to be a developing economy (Aldosari 2002, p.6). Modernisation theory, â€Å"sees economic development as a process by which traditional societies become more complex and differentiated, in order for economic development to take place, modernisation theory proposes that countries have to change their traditional attitudes, values and institutions† (Andersen and Taylor 2007 p. 252). Syria however, did not embrace much change in its development. For instance, it did not open the internet services as fast and the telecommunication facilities were so much controlled by the government. If some of these ways of disseminating information cannot be liberalised so that people can communicate freely and effectively, a country may lag behind. A number of Syrians are Muslim extremists which mean that they had to conserve some values that may not be good for economic development. An example perhaps could be the fact that Muslim women cannot work in a bar woul d really affect the tourism sector in one way or another. Things like satellite TV, Facebook, twitter and other social networks were not allowed in the country. The information system was strictly controlled implying that there was no innovation or even copying from the outer world. However, since the effects of these restrictions were evident, the government allowed people to access social sites. In February 2011, Syria announced on a Wednesday that it would reopen access to social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. For the first time since 2007, Syrians were able to access these sites freely without going through proxy servers abroad (â€Å"France 24†, 2011). As the news spread, the internet activity was evident because people who were under restriction and had devised mechanisms of manoeuvring around found using the facility very easy. Some sites and blogs were never left open to the public. This may have been confused with westernisation which in their view is a bad t hing. The hate of the so called Western Culture would have influenced the thinking. This in itself indicates signs of a developing country. Analysis of the Alternative Perspectives Dependency In any country, the dependency ratio is very critical in its economic status. If the economy’s population is largely containing working youth with less people depending on them, the growth of the economy may be fast. The Age dependency ratio of the old (% of working age population) in Syria was last reported at 6.67% in 2010, and the age dependency ratio (% of working-age population) in Syria was last reported at 69.05 in 2010 according to a World Bank report released in 2011 (Trading Economics 2012). This indicates the population that depends on the working population is very high hence, a slow growth in development. If this won’t change in a few years, then Syria may as well retard back to the low income economy rather than a developing economy that it is right now. Post Colonia lism Chaitani’s goal is to show that the approaches to economic relations between Syria and Lebanon before and after independence did not necessarily follow the lines that one would have expected (2008 p. 268). He first lists three main groups of economic and political voices which are Syrian Arab nationalists, Lebanese Arab nationalists and Lebanese nationalists. These divisions within the Syrian people did not work well for the economy of the country. Some of them were seen to be detrimental to the economy of the country because of the extremist’s activities within the Syrian economy. It is clear that a divided nation with political agitation is not healthy to economic development but scares aware investments. Localism In plain words, localism is the use of political philosophies which prioritize the local, that mainly support local production and consumption of goods, local control of government, and promotion of local history, local culture and local identity. Clea rly, this is something that can affect trade directly in the Syrian Republic. Trade is something that must involve exchange of goods and services. Syria has to be ready to buy goods from countries it sells oil to. Critical Feminist Hooks indicates that, â€Å"feminism is a movement to end sexism, sexist exploitation, and exploitation† (2000 p. 1). For sure, the past was so blurred because any economic opportunity was mainly directed to men. This meant that women cannot do certain things in the society just because they are women. This has remained an issue in Syria for quite long because of the traditional and religious beliefs. Country’s that embraced the feminism strategy surely realised changes in lifestyles because the number of dependants on the working was drastically reduced. For Syria, this is still a challenge. Religious Views Other factors that can affect the economy are things that people believe in and which define their way of life. Religion can be defined as the spiritual beliefs and practices of an individual (Simmers et al. 2008 p. 291). Religion obviously affects people’s way of life and their day to day activities. Some religious practices are backward whereas others enable people to practice moderation in all that they do which is a good thing. In Syria however, Islamic extremism has made the economy to have little or no progress at all. Conclusion In conclusion, it is clear that Syria is a low middle economy country referred to as a developing country. With its numerous economic issues like unemployment, classify it as an underdeveloped country. Its economy solely depends on oil production, tourism and commerce. Industrialisation is not coming out clearly. Another issue is that it has been in various political crises, its neighbours too have experienced political instabilities which has adversely affected its economy from time to time. Its implication of helping Iraq to smuggle oil outside the sanctions that had been pu t on them was a setback in its economic operations. Reference List Agba, M., et al 2009, Poverty, Food Insecurity and the Rebranding Question in Nigeria, Canadian Social Science, Vol. 5, No. 6,Pp., Canadian Research Development Centre of Sciences and Cultures. Aga Khan Development Network 2012. Web. Aldosari, A. 2002, Middle East, western Asia, and northern Africa, Marshall Cavendish, Singapore. Andersen, M. Taylor, H. 2007, Sociology: Understanding a Diverse Society, Belmont, California. Benn, T. 2010, Muslim Women and Sport, Taylor Francis Publishers, New York. Cavendish, M. 2006, World and Its Peoples, Marshall Cavendish, New York, NY. Chaitani, Y. 2007, Post-Colonial Syria and Lebanon: The Decline of Arab Nationalism and the Triumph of the State, Journal of Islamic Studies, Vol. 19, no. 2, Tauris, London. Hirsch, E., Kett, J. Trefil, A. 2002, The New Dictionary of Cultural Literacy, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, New York, NY. Hooks, B. 2000, Feminism Is for Everybody: Passionat e Politics, Pluto Press, London. IMF, 2010, Syria, Journal on Syrian Arab Republic, Vol 167, International Monetary Fund Publication Services, Washington D.C. Kaushik K., Arbenser, L., Klein K. 2008, Export Growth, Export Instability, Investment and Economic Growth in India: a Time Series Analysis, The Journal of Developing Areas, Vol. 41, no. 2, pp. 155+, via ProQuest LLC. Morrison, J. Woog, A. 2008, Syria, 2nd Edition, InfoBase Publishing, New York. Perthes, V. 2004, Economic Challenges and Policy Responses. Web. Ross, D. and Harmsen, R. 2001, Official Financing for Developing Countries, International Monetary Fund Press, Washington, DC. Simmmers, A., et al. 2008, Diversified Health Occupations, 7th Edition, Cengage Learning, Clifton Park, NY. Sukkar, N. 2006, Pitfalls Along Reform Road, Oxford Business Group, Lebanon. Syria Agriculture 2012, Information about Agriculture in Syria. Web. Taheri, A, 2002, An Alternative Syrian Voice: Meet Nabil Sukkar, National Review Online Journ al, Vol 3, No. 2, Syrian Embassy. The World Bank 2012, How we Classify Countries. Trading Economics 2012, Age Dependency Ratio: Syria. Web. United Nations Development Program 2006, Human Development Report. Web. This report on Report on International Development – Syria was written and submitted by user Hugo Mccarthy to help you with your own studies. You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly. You can donate your paper here.